Advantages of Living in Jacksonville


Every city in the world has its own pros and cons to be living in. Just in Jacksonville’s case, the pros list is a little longer.

There’s a long list of advantages at your disposal if you live on the First Coast. This blog post has been comprised with the help of a public survey and also a Tallahassee realtor.

We asked the residents of Jacksonville about what the best things about living in the area are according to them. Some of the common answers are elaborated here:

Pleasant Weather:
Most of the people that come and settle in Jacksonville, Florida are mild weather lovers. Whereas if you love being around snow, Florida isn’t the place for you because of its winters.

The weather weighed more towards the pros column. The state of Florida saw its last snowfall over 28 years ago.

Jacksonville is mildly cold during fall while summers are hot and humid. Most residents love the summer and enjoy by swimming and sunbathing.

There are days when the summer heat gets slightly hard to bear even for the residents, but that never happens in routine.

The Beach:
The whole area of Jacksonville is located along the coast. You cannot be far from the sea wherever you live.
People love beach activities on weekends with their families and friends. If you’re living in Jacksonville, the beach can only be as far as an hour’s drive from you.

Jacksonville, Florida is host to the largest urban park system in the whole country. This gigantic system of greenery initiatives contains 262 dedicated parks acquiring more than 80,000 acres of land.

Each park has a different aura from the other. Some of them are along the coast while others are in between towns.

Sports & Outdoors:
If you’re a fan of outdoor activities like hunting or fishing, Jacksonville is the place to be.
The city is smaller in size as compared to other cities yet it offers a wide variety of outdoor enjoyments.

The St. John’s River flows through the city where dozens of enthusiasts can be seen boating, fishing and water skiing every weekend.