REAL ESTATE: An Agents Perspective

For years and years we’ve all heard that with advancements in technology and the booming Internet, that “real soon” real estate agents will become obsolete.

Well here we are in 2020 and guess what folks? Now more than ever we are reliant on realtors for a number of reasons actually.

Can you imagine making the biggest purchase of your life without anyone looking out for you? Oh yeah. Realtors have a purpose and in this piece we’ll dive in and hear it straight from the horses mouth why realtors are necessary in today’s real estate market.

Fernando Lopez who specializes in ensuring real estate transactions for both foreigners and locals, in that country, go without a hitch. Here’s what he had to say on the subject…

Clearly buying or selling real estate in Latin America is different than one might expect in the US or Canada, however the reality is, in Costa Rica, having a knowledgeable, honest attorney and realtor working for you is a MUST HAVE!

Another hotspot for foreigner looking to invest is in the Riviera Nayarit region of Mexico. Michael Zues is a realtor who focuses on vacation rentals in Guayabitos.

With the rise in property crimes throughout Latin America we’ve seen a continuing trend, especially with foreigners, who wouldn’t think of doing an international real estate deal without a qualified realtor

But what are some of the most common reasons why anyone in Canada or the USA would need a professional realtor on their side working for them?

  • a local expert: now you might think that because you’ve lived in your city your entire life, that you’re some sort of real estate expert however hiring a local realtor can provide you with knowledge you’ve never imagined.
  • objective opinions: a realtor works for you and for your best interests. Their experiences in to what to look out for and how to negotiate are priceless.
  • selling agent: hiring a realtor to sell your property comes with many perks but none so good as the fact that selling your property with a realtor can on average fetch you 7% – 10% more
  • insider knowledge: current market knowledge is a massive advantage
  • ethics and supportive: yes ethics matter in this industry and along with that it helps to have emotional support throughout your largest investment purchase of your life

And next we head up north to Calgary, Alberta in Canada to talk to Cody a realtor specialized in homes for sale in Bowness, an up and coming posh neighborhood in Calgary.

Cody had this to say about why its so important to retain the services of a professional and qualified realtor for your investment needs.

As early adopters to any new technology that can help us serve our clients better, we understand the importance of remaining relevant in this highly dynamic and fluid industry.

So there you have it…right from the horses mouthes, hiring a qualified realtor is a must have in todays environment even with so much information being available online. Next time you’re in the market to buy or sell don’t forget the first step is sourcing a realtor who’s best suited to represent YOU!